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In school, a score of 67% is often failing.  That is, you can get two-thirds of the problems right, and still be performing at a level inferior to your peers and unsuitable for practice in the real world. That is the sense in which the American system has failed. There have been many great successes; and yet the end result is disappointing. On many fronts, the U.S. has squandered its advantages, failed to live up to its promise, and fallen behind other advanced nations.

The purpose of this blog is to develop those views and to propose solutions. The focus here is especially upon the system that controls much of what happens in this country. That system includes huge corporations, massive governmental entities, and today’s version of the Establishment — the networks of rich, privileged, or otherwise elite people who wield enormous power over the rest of us.

From any page in this blog, you can access the full list of posts in this blog by clicking the Archives button at the top.  You can also use the Search box to find specific material. For information on me, please see my home website. Note also that I have several other blogs.

I hope you find these materials useful.  If you do, please lend your support by commenting and sharing.


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