People You Should Not Always Get Along With

One of the tenets of the contemporary secular gospel seems to be that we should all try to get along with everybody.  Obviously, things will tend go better for you personally if you do get along with, especially, the powerful people in the world – with presidents and police and your banker – and, for many people, with the local crime lord and the horrible brute who controls your household.  But while this may benefit you personally, it will not necessarily benefit other people, and this is something that social workers should take into account.

People You Should Not Always Get Along With
(a partial list)

Rapists, violent attackers, etc.
Racists, sexists, ageists, etc.
Psychological abusers, bullies & harassers
Nazi leaders named Adolf
Liars, manipulators, frauds, etc.
Fun-loving drunks
Exploiters & slavers
Delirious, deluded, or hallucinating people
People who take what they can and don’t give back
Nice people who encourage any of the above
Parents (probably) (especially if you’re a teenager)

I welcome additions to this list.

(I originally posted this item elsewhere.)


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